Pocket Greens Growing Kit


If you don’t want to wait too long to savour your greens, we have just the right growing kit for you.

Our Pocket Greens Growing Kit is packed with vegetable seeds and a specially blended growing medium that is enough for growing up to 2 trays of baby greens. All you have to do is sow, mist and wait for harvest. There is no need to add more soil, fertilisers or additives. Growing baby greens is a clean, healthy, fun and fulfilling hobby. They grow so quickly, you can harvest in about ten days when they are juvenile plants. Baby Greens usually consist of a central stem with two fully developed cotyledon leaves and one pair of true leaves. They may be young but they are definitely loaded with phyto-nutrients and chlorophyll. Our varieties usually require 1-2 weeks growing time. After the leaves are fully expanded they are ready for harvest. They are cut above the soil surface and rinsed before serving.






Chinese Mustard


Try all the different flavours today. We have Oriental Greens (Mixture of Cai Xin and Chinese Mustard seeds) and Wheatgrass for your selection.

  • Cai Xin - Also known as Choy Sum, Brassica parachinensis, it is a common Asian green with juicy, tender leaves, fleshy stems and small yellow flowers. The seeds germinate in about 4 to 5 days. They grow best in well drained soil under full sun and can be harvested 30 to 50 days upon sowing. Cai Xin leaves and stems can be lightly boiled, stir-fried or used in soups.
  • Chinese Mustard is a quick growing tropical vegetable. The seeds germinate in 4 days and they are ready for eating in about 40 days. The broad serrated leaves of the vegetable are bitter, so they are often pickled or braised with meat.
  • Wheat Grass – They are basically young wheat plants packed with highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and enzymes.  Widely recognised as a superfood, the juice of wheatgrass is easily digested and highly beneficial to the human body.

Our Growing Kits are wonderful gifts for adults and children.  To purchase our Pocket Greens Growing Kits, you can visit these Outlets. For bulk orders please  EMAIL US.


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