Hydroponics Kits

We are always looking for interesting ways for busy people like you to grow your own greens.

Introducing our new range of Pocket Greens Hydroponics kits for growing baby greens. All you need is 3 minutes a day and the results will amaze you.


You can grow any of our seeds such as barley , wheat grass, sunflower, peashoot and radish and harvest for eating within a week. Seeds are sold separately.

Our hydroponics kits come in 3 sizes for everyone in the family.


Bebe size : Our smallest hydroponic kit is perfect for growing enough to make one big salad bowl of greens.

Dimensions: 118 mm L x 120 mm W x 80 mm H.


Mama Size: This medium size kit grows sufficient greens for the family.

Dimensions: 250 mm L x 120 mm W x 80 mm H

Papa Size : This is our largest hydroponics kit with 6 compartments to give you growing flexibility. You can stagger growing greens few days apart in each compartment so you have continuous supply of greens. It allows you to sow different seeds for a colourful harvest. This kit comes with a cover (at additional cost) to protect your greens.

Dimensions: 315 mm L x 215 mm W x 60 mm H


Harvesting the greens

With these kits, harvesting is quick and easy. Simply pull out the amount you need and leave the rest in the kit. Cut the greens for eating and discard the roots.