FAQ - Pocket Greens Growing Kits

FAQ for Pocket Greens Growing Kits

Question: What are the varieties of seeds/grains that you offer?
Pocket Greens Baby Vegetables Growing Kits are packed with the more popular varieties – Wheatgrass and Oriental Mix. However, if you wish to grow a wider variety, you can buy our refill seed packs which come in a wider selection including wheatgrass, sunflower, daikon radish, oriental mix and gourmet pet grass.
Pocket Green Gourmet Pet Grass kit contains a mix of healthy wheatgrass and millet. These are also perfectly suitable for human consumption.

Question: What is the difference between baby greens and microgreens?

Our baby greens are similar to micro greens. Microgreens have been produced in the west since the 1990s. The basic varieties are Arugula, Basil, Beets, Kale and Cilantro. Our baby greens feature different varieties that are more popular in Asia. They are all harvested when they are young baby vegetables.

Question: Are baby greens similar to sprouts?

No. Sprouts are simply germinated seeds produced entirely in water. They are eaten as a whole – seed, root and all. Because of that, extra care must be taken when growing sprouts as there had been cases of food poisoning.

Baby greens are planted in soil or a substitute soil medium. They are ideally grown in high light conditions with low humidity and good air circulation. When they are ready for eating, they are cut above the growing medium surface and packed used without the roots.

Question: Should I sow the seeds close together or apart?
As what you’re trying to achieve is a tight cluster of baby greens, you should sow the seeds close together. When sprouted, the roots will cling to each other to form a compact block of roots at the base of the tray so the vegetables will be stable and grow in an upright manner.

Question: Why are there many un-sprouted seeds in the tray?
If you have sowed too much seeds, the ones that are stacked below may not get an opportunity to sprout due to lack of light and space. Remember that the seeds will expand once they are in contact with water, so leave enough room for them to spread out.

If you have too many un-sprouted seeds, after cutting the first harvest, continue to mist the seeds in the tray. The seeds may now be able to sprout now that they are exposed to light. This is not guaranteed. Do keep an eye on them for a few days. If nothing happens, just throw the roots and un-sprouted seeds away and start a new batch.

Question: When is the ideal time to harvest the vegetables?
As baby greens are meant to be harvested during their juvenile stage, we recommend that you harvest after the first set of true leaves appear. They range in size from one to two inches long, including the stem and leaves. They have surprisingly intense flavors considering their small size.

Question: Does the growing medium contain animal parts?
All our growing medium are specially researched and blended to support healthy plant grow through the specified stages. The sources are all natural compounds without chemical additives as fertilizers.

Question: Do you sell soil for topping up?
Our growing medium refill packs are sold in Shop Wonderland at 53 Haji Lane only.

Question: Can the growing medium can be used more than once? After the 1st round, do I add some more?
We recommend to dispose of the medium after each cycle as all required nutrients would be consumed earlier. After the first growth, throw away the growing medium and scrub the tray clean before sowing a new batch. If you do not keep the trays clean, fungus or mold might start to grow. If that happens, throw away the seeds and growing medium and start over after sterilising the trays.

Question: What is the dimension of the tray?
The size of the tray is 14cm W x 22cm L x 3.5cm H

Question: How long can I keep the kit?
We recommend that you sow the seeds/grains within 6 months because the longer you keep, the chances of them not germinating is higher. That's why seeds that sit on supermarket shelves for too long don't germinate very well.
Our seeds are freshly packed and they are the same ones that commercial vegetable farmers use. You can keep the packet of seeds in the fridge to prolong its lifespan.

Question: How much sun do the vegetables need?
As you are harvesting them at the juvenile stage, the baby greens do not need much direct sunlight. They will do well in a bright place. Always check that the soil is moist.

Question: How do I take care of the plants?
All Plants need water, air and sunlight to make food and grow. Few hours of sun will be ideal. Keep kit safe from rain. Ideal location is beside window sill. Mist plant daily and do not drown the plant. All these are part of basic learning and great hobby to keep.