FAQ - My Vegetable Kit

Question: Which vegetable is the easiest to grow?
The seeds that we have selected for the kits are generally easy to grow.
Kang Kong seeds are bigger and easy to handle. The vegetables are hardy and grow easily too.

Cai xin and xiao bai cai are easy growers but their leaves will fan out as they grow. So do not sow too compactly.
Question: What are the varieties of vegetables/fruits/herbs that you offer?
The children's kit is quite small, so we're offering only a selection of vegetables that will grow well in a small space so that kids will feel encouraged. Currently we are offering spinach, chye sim, kang kong and xiao bai cai.
Question: Should I sow the seeds close together or quite far apart?
For larger seeds like kang kong, you can sow about 1cm apart to prevent overcrowding.
However, it is not possible to do so for vegetables seeds that are really tiny. In this case, just scatter them on the surface of the soil. If it gets overcrowded, just pull out the smaller seedlings. It is all part of fun and learning.
Question: Roughly what is the harvest time for the different vegetables?
My vegetable kit is designed to grow till adult stage. This will take around 3weeks. Once true leaves grow, anytime is good time to harvest as a rule. The leafy vegetables will not grow very tall upon maturity because the container size is small in size. If you wish to harvest for eating, we recommend you do so within 30 to 40 days. After that, the stems become tough and chewy.
Question: What’s in the soil?

All our growing medium are specially researched and blended to support healthy plant growth through the specified stages. The sources are all natural compounds without chemical additives as fertilizers.
Question: Do you sell soil for topping up?
We do not sell refill for My Vegetable Growing Kit.
Question: Can the soil can be used more than once? After the 1st round, do I add some more soil or fertiliser?
We recommend to dispose the medium after each cycle as all required nutrients would be consumed earlier. If you want to reuse the soil, you will need to top up some more soil and compost because you will lose some soil during the growing process. We recommend that you use a spade to loosen the remaining soil before growing anything in it again.
Question: After 2 rounds, can the soil still be used? What should I do to reuse the soil?
After two rounds, it is best to check if the soil is still in good condition. Sometimes you may get parasites in the soil which will affect the plant growth. If that is the case, throw the soil away. If it looks good, loosen it with a spade and mix in more soil and some fertiliser.
Question: What is the dimension of the children's kit?
The size of a children's kit is 15x15cm.
Question: How long can I keep the kit?
We recommend that you sow the seeds within 6 months because the longer you keep, the chances of them not germinating is higher. That's why seeds that sit on supermarket shelves for too long don't germinate very well.
Our seeds are freshly packed and they are the same ones that commercial vegetable farmers use. You can keep the packet of seeds in the fridge to prolong its lifespan.
Question: Why do my vegetables turn yellow?
This could be a case of over watering. Please check that the container is not water-logged and that it is not sitting in a tray that is filled with water. Good drainage is very important.
Question: How much sun do the vegetables need?
Most of the leafy vegetables require direct sunlight. After the seeds have germinated for about a week, you can place them in an area that enjoys direct sunlight. However, please ensure that the plants are sufficiently hydrated or else they will wither and die. Always check that the soil is moist.