About Easi Garden


If you have always wanted to grow your own vegetables, we are here to get you started.  

We are an urban agriculture company that supplies growing kits to cultivate your interest in growing vegetables in your home - that's right, you can grow your own food even in the tiniest space. Anyone can grow and enjoy the fun experience. 

As consumers become more conscious of what goes into their food, we are constantly searching for ways to get back to basics.

We're committed to:

  • Deliver high quality, nutritional and flavourful vegetables

  • Promote healthy living and eating

  • Make vegetable growing a lifestyle

  • Show everyone they can be a gardener

  • Make our products affordable and accessible for every home

Vegetables grown under your care are as fresh as you can get and you know what you're eating. You harvest only what you need. It is the ultimate in convenience food. We make it easy for you to grow vegetables with little time and effort. The best part is, no experience is required.  So join us today to start growing food at home and enjoy the wonderful experience.

ImageOur Growing Kits are wonderful gifts for adults and children.  To purchase our Growing Kits, you can visit the store Gardens by the Bay which is located next to the ARRIVAL CENTER at 18 Marina Gardens Drive.  

Our products are now available at more outlets. Click here to find  the store nearest you.

Alternatively, you can always send us an EMAIL for any of our products.